A security door provides your home with both aesthetic and functional appeal but most importantly provides you with a level of privacy and protection from weather, intruders and pests. With various options in security door types available, it’s not always easy when it comes to making a decision on which type is right for your home. If you want to know how you can best choose your security door, keep reading.

Consider the Material For Your Needs

When buying security doors, you need to choose a door that is both aesthetically pleasing and secure. That’s because the functionality of the door might be important, but you need to be happy with the way your home looks as well.

Aluminum and steel are some of the best materials for security doors. Steel has proven to be durable and strong, while aluminum has gained popularity for its anti-corrosion properties. MGR Security Doors provides you with the right materials for your needs and we pride ourselves on prioritizing your safety.

Consider a Door With The Right Sealant300_400_csupload_61143538

When you’re choosing a security door, you may want to keep the sealant in mind. That’s because the right sealant will protect your home from pests and critters that invade your home.

A common practice for sealants is a simple stick-and-peel approach, which is applied during the installation process. When the tape dries. this results in a hard sealant that protects your home from external elements and external circumstances. Of course, you can always ask your security door professional which sealant is best for your needs and you can ask whether you need to have it replaced annually.


The Door’s Finish Applications

Having the right finish on security doors is crucial because it’s the defence mechanism against unwanted weather and external conditions. Paint will fade in direct, continuous exposure to sunlight unless a finish is applied. If you’re concerned about this, powder-coated security doors may be the solution for you. That’s because powder coating can provide your door with more durability and efficiency.

The Warranty or Guarantee That Comes With It (Or Lack Of)

Security doors are a crucial investment and warranty is required if you want to be completely satisfied with the quality of the product you’re being offered. This way, if anything goes wrong, MGR Security Doors provides you with a warranty to ensure that your home is always being taken care of.

Consider the Installation Procedure

You should consider the installation process of a security door and all the costs it will incur when making a decision about where to source your supplies, how soon you shop and who sets up your door. Opting for high-quality security door products from local manufacturers who provide professional installation is your safest best to ensure your door is safely and correctly installed.

MGR Security Doors

MGR Security Doors has provided clients in Melbourne’s south-east and Mornington Peninsula areas with quality security doors for years. We are your go-to when it comes to choosing the right security doors, customising them to suit your needs and professional installation services.

To learn more about your security door options or our security door supply and installation services, contact MGR Security Doors today. Free measure and quotes are available for our doors, we will to your premises with samples so be sure to browse our range and let us know which doors you prefer best.