With an increase in home invasion, security screen doors are now considered a vital part of homes across Melbourne.  They provide Victorian homes with an added layer of security, guaranteeing safety for your family. Your family’s safety should be your priority, and that is why you have to focus on getting the right security screen door for your home.

With this vital point, we have provided you with a list of four key things you need to consider when selecting a security screen door.

1View The Materials 

As with most products, there are a few different materials that come with security screen doors. There are three dominate materials that make up security doors.  Steel, aluminum and metal alloy. Each is as durable as the rest and can guarantee any property (commercial and residential) complete protection. The differences are in the frames, with aluminum and metal alloy needing more width to ensure more strength.

Can Be There Customisation?

Remember that not all door sizes are the same. So make sure that when you inquire about security screen doors, that you ask about any customisation that comes with those doors. A standard door might not work with your home, so you have to make sure you get the size, so it fits in your home correctly.

What Type Of Lock Am I Going To Get? 

Remember that you can install any lock in your security screen door. It all comes down to personal choice. You can get a standard, double-bolt, three-point lock and a range of others. But you have to make sure that it works well with your door and installs with your model. This will guarantee that your home has that added layer of protection that it needs.

Remember The Mesh 

Finally, you have to decide on what type of mesh you want with your security door. There are three types of mesh doors: stainless steel, aluminum perforated sheets, and aluminum grilles. Each has their differences, but all hold the same essential feature – making it increasingly difficult for intruders to break in. It is another layer of coating that will keep your house secure.

We hope that this information has been useful to you. When the time comes and if you are looking for the best security doors in Melbourne, then speak to the experts here at MGR Security Doors. With years of experience, we know that our doors will provide you with that extra level of security that your home needs. Contact us today!