Sliding Screen Doors – Why do we need Them?

Long gone are the days of diamond grille screens. These days, you can find many fashionable screen doors that will serve a better purpose in keeping insects out and giving better views of the outside world. Sliding screen doors are an increasingly popular feature serving multiple purposes in security, hygiene and style. There are several benefits of installing sliding screen doors.

Ease of access
Sliding screen doors are installed at entry points that see a lot of traffic for example leading to the backyard. This is because they are easy to operate and moving through quickly.  High tech versions can be programmed to sense the nearby presence, open and shut automatically.

Sliding security doors are useful barriers against unauthorised entry. When locked, they present an entry barrier that a burglar has to go through before getting to the target.  The transparency of the sliding screen doors also allows those in the house to identify threats at the door and react accordingly. 

Better lighting 
Sliding screen doors make huge entry points for natural light. These doors work very well in a house that has no windows. This is possible without the need to leave the house open to insects and other unwanted guests. They work very well with floor to ceiling curtains for light adjustment.

Better ventilation 
The open and shut movement of sliding screen doors acts like a fan, pushing air in and out of the house. stale air finds an outlet and takes away with it mould spores, toxins and carbon monoxide.  Fresh air coming into the house brings in oxygen keeping people in the house healthy.

Easy installation
Sliding rails can be installed on any standard doors. They can fit different styles. This makes them versatile and possible to fit on many doors. They can be installed in houses that were built some time ago.

Styling and customisation
There are hundreds of colours and designs of sliding doors to choose from. This is a refreshing variety of styles. You can choose doors with grilles or no grilles. You can customise the space left between the doors such that pets can go out and come into the house freely. This can be done to let cats and puppies in and out while keeping toddlers in the house.

Better aesthetics 
A pair of sliding screen doors adds a touch of modernity to a house. they are more ergonomical than swinging doors.  The better lighting allowed by the sliding doors gives a visual effect of a roomier house. Sliding screen doors are available in many styles giving a choice for different budgets. They come highly recommended for better lighting, privacy and hygiene. 

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