Security Doors – Why You Need One

Security doors are no longer a preserve of jewellery shops and high-end homes. Physical threats are more widespread with threats of terrorism, robberies and home invasions ever present.  One unchanging fact is that the door is still the favoured entry point for many threats.  This is why security doors are so effective. They discourage early execution of threats making the assailant reconsider the target. Today’s security doors are more affordable and have better technology. There are good reasons why you should consider installing security doors.

  • Deterrence
    The casual burglar or petty thief is not motivated enough to work on a security door. The presence of one will make him turn away. A professional assailant will not want to linger on the door too long for fear of being spotted by witnesses or alerting those in the house. The security door presents a formidable barrier between the assailant and the target meaning he has to find other means of getting through or turn away.
  • Fireproofing
    Security doors are not only for living spaces. They can be deployed in areas holding sensitive items to deter physical access as well as fireproofing.  Today’s security door will withstand common fires making them ideal for protecting sensitive combustible items.
  • Protect children and pets
    As much as you want to secure those who are in the house, it is important to ensure that children and pets do not get into harm’s way by remaining in the protection of the house. A security door is effective in keeping them inside. 
  • Energy efficiency
    A security door forms a good barrier against harsh weather. In cold months, the cold will not penetrate the door leaving the interior of the house warm. In hot weather, the security door can be locked ensuring the hot air does not come into the house, while the AC inside works. This reduces the activity of the heating and cooling systems making the house more energy efficient and keeping the energy bills low.
  • Added value
    A home with security installations is more attractive to potential buyers meaning you will be in a better demand position if you decide to sell. The house will also attract lower homeowner insurance as insurance companies ask lower premiums for protected homes.
  • Peace of mind
    A secured home allows the homeowner peace of mind. You will be at peace knowing that your loved ones and possessions are secured. This implies going through the day with less worry on the mind and concentrating on your job and providing for those you left back home. 

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