Security doors are your home or business’ first line of defence. Whether its a burglar or extreme weather, security doors and windows keep you and your family safe. While our security doors are high-quality and durable, they also need to be properly maintained to provide maximum protection.

Fortunately, maintaining your security doors is a straightforward process and can easily be adapted into your current cleaning routine. Here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that your security is functioning properly.


Your security door locks are one of the main safety components of your security door. Without proper working locks, your security door is not really secure. Lock and hinge maintenance should be on the top of your list when you go through your maintenance routine.

The biggest issue that we see with locks and hinges on security doors is lack of lubrication. If locks and hinges are not regularly lubricated, the pieces can rub against each other and wear down. When locks and hinges wear down, their strength is compromised and they can be broken into much easier.

Every few months, use a dry lubricant on your locks and hinges to make sure they are working correctly. Dip your door key in the lubricant and run it in and out of the lock a few times. Make sure to turn the key to get the lubricant throughout the lock mechanism.

Preventing Rust

Rust is another major issue with some security doors. Homeowners may want to clean their doors by hosing down the door with water. Water accelerates the rusting process, and rusted metals are much weaker than metal that has no rust. If you do need to clean your security doors and decide to clean them with water, avoid spraying your doors with water.

Instead, use a sponge or cloth to wipe down the door. Follow up with a dry cloth to fully dry the door. Any remaining moisture may cause the door to rust. MGR Security Doors are made with high-quality stainless steel, which is much more resistant to rust than other metals such as iron.


Keeping Your Door Secure

Your security door is only as secure as its frame. When you are checking your security door, you should also inspect your door frame to make sure it’s sturdy. Check for any cracking in the frame, as well as corrosion. If your door frame has been exposed to water, the water may have damaged the frame, which can weaken the areas where the door is secured.

Your door also needs to be hung properly. If you have an improperly aligned door, it may not be as secure as you might think. The security door works with your door frame to secure your home or business, and when the door is misaligned, it can cause strain on the lock, hinges, or door frame, which can, in turn, weaken the entire security door system.

MGR Security Doors

At MGR Security Doors, our passion is safety. We’ve been providing the highest-quality security doors for years, and we are ready to help you upgrade your home’s security. Our security doors are made right here in Australia and are tested against burglaries, impacts, and extreme weather.

In addition to high-end security doors, we offer an impressive selection of security windows to add even more protection to your home. Regardless of what you choose, we will be with you every step of the way. After we install your security door, we’ll help you with even more maintenance tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your security door.