Standard Pleated Flyscreen

Single Sliding W4000mm x H2600mm (max)
Double Sliding W8000mm x H2600mm (max)

Our standard pleated Fly screens are our top-selling product form its convenience in flexibility form wide range of sizes for customized fabrication. East installation with adjustable cord tension and its invisibility when the screen stacks back into the track. The pleated feature allows the mesh to fold and stack back against another with great ease and occupies minimal space. The magnetic strip feature allows smooth gliding and creates perfect enclosure.

Easy Installation


Adjustable Card Tension


Magnetic Strip Opening and Closing

Slim Pleated Flyscreen

Suitable for Windows
Smaller Frame, Lightweight

Single Sliding W1000mm x H2100mm (max)

The Slim Pleated fly screen is a slick screen design, offers thinner frame and lightweight compared to our other fly screens, ideal for window openings. The fly screen system is fitted with a soft brush to ensure a quiet closing.

Adjustable Card Tension
Fitted Brush

Trackless Pleated Flyscreen

Single Sliding: W2200mm x H2600mm (max)
Double Sliding: W4400mm x H2600mm (max)

The Trackless Pleated Fly screen is a completely barrier-free product. Allowing easier access for vacuum machines, prams, wheelchair and bikes. There is only a thin plate for fixing the frameless door still. The Trackless Pleated Fly screen is a multi-purpose screen, allows installation on a variety of window and door types. The handle and mesh section of the trackless pleated fly screen can be self-disassembled by the user, allowing convenient cleaning for care and maintenance.

Wheelchair Access
Bike access
Pram Access