There is always something your insurance policy doesn’t cover and so many things in your home that can never be replaced. Home burglaries don’t just affect you financially either. These types of scenarios can be quite terrifying, traumatising and can even be life-threatening if a violent burglar enters your home.

The more you can do to make it harder for criminals to gain access to your property the better. Every small thing that you can install to make it harder or more time consuming to break in can count in your favour and might just discourage the burglar entirely. Here are a few excellent ways to burglar-proof your home.

Install Mesh or Steel Security Doors

MGR PLUSSecurity doors made with stainless steel mesh and that is fitted with Austral locks are the hardest to break into and traditional steel doors are a close second. These doors are sure to keep criminals busy for a very long time and mesh types won’t restrict your view of the outside in any way.

Quality security doors are also very handy to have during hot summers because you will be able to leave your normal doors open in order to allow lots of cool, fresh air to flow into your home. Installing security doors is one of the best things you can do for your home.

Install Home Blinds

If you can pick between curtains and blinds then choose blinds. Blinds are harder to remove from windows because they cannot be pulled away quite as easy. This little window covering will make it much more challenging for criminals to see into your home or to remove large objects through windows.

Invest In Good Quality Locks

Even the best of security doors is completely useless if you don’t have a good quality lock installed on it. Choose a security door manufacturer that use good quality locks and get the locks on older doors replaced in your home.

Get a Dog

A dog isn’t just a beloved pet to keep you company. These companions can warn you when they see intruders in the area and some of the larger breeds can discourage intruders so they will leave your property alone.

Invest In Security Lights

It is important to be able to see properly during night time. Motion sensor security lights are the best to install to ward off criminals. These lights automatically turn on when motion is detected and can warn you that someone is in the yard so you can start preparing or call for help before they reach your home.

Upgrade Your Fence

Upgrading your fencing with higher walls or palisades or with an electric wire system can help you keep other items on your property such as vehicles safe. The fencing will also make it much harder to gain access to your home.

Consider an Alarm System

Alarm systems are quite pricey but are a worthy investment if you live in a dangerous area. In most cases, burglars immediately flee the scene if the alarm is triggered.

Need a security upgrade for your home? Your home’s doors and windows are the best places to start. If you are in need of the finest quality security doors then we welcome you to give our offices at MGR Security Doors a call right now.