Fly Screens and Doors – Why Get Them and Their Benefits

Fly screens and doors are increasingly being installed in more and more homes as homeowners realise their benefits in security and hygiene. Fly screens and doors do more than keeping pests and insects away. They are also important security features that give those inside the house time to recognise any threats at the door and react accordingly. There are several reasons why you should consider installing fly screens and doors.

  • Better hygiene
    During hot weather, it is tempting to leave the door open for cool breezes to come in. this is discouraged by the entry of bugs like mosquitoes and flies much to the discomfort of those in the house. A fly screen allows cool air into the house while keeping out these unhygienic visitors. 
  • Better ventilation
    Mould and stale air are real problems in houses that remain shuttered for long.  a screen door lets in fresh air which boosts oxygen levels in the house. It also serves as an outlet for moisture and stale air which prevents the growth of mould spores in the house. 
  • Better lighting
    Natural lighting is powerful and works best in a home. It can be let in by leaving the windows and doors open especially in the evening. Unfortunately, this presents security risks. Installing a screen door overcomes this problem as it can let in natural light while securing the house. 
  • Security
    A screen door presents an extra barrier that a home invader will have to get through. This protects the inside door from immediate attack. It also allows people inside the house to identify threats at the door and raise an alarm quickly.
  • More privacy
    A screen door gives better privacy. The people inside the house can have a view of the outside without having to open the door. An unwanted visitor can be identified and ignored. It also gives time for anyone in the house to prepare and freshen up before opening the door. This is far better than leaving the door open for cool air only for all and sundry to have a peek.
  • Children and pet safety
    It is always risky having children and pets outside unsupervised. Installing a screen door keeps children and pets in the safety of the house while allowing them to see what is outside.
  • Better views
    Unlike a solid door, a screen door keeps the view of the outside. This forms the visual effect of a roomier house.  Relaxing in such a house is possible as there is no feeling of being enclosed. Fly screens and doors are more affordable these days. It is advisable to get one for all its benefits in security, hygiene and comfort.

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