A business or commercial property is usually one of your biggest financial investments. It can take years of hard work and graft to get a business on its feet. The last thing you want to do is to skimp on its security and make it vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Security is and should be a paramount concern for business owners. The following are some important steps you can take to help make your commercial property more secure.

1. Focus on Entrances

There will likely be more than one entry points to your commercial property. You should make sure you have invested in high-quality security doors and windows at all possible entrances. High-quality roller shutters can also go a long way to deter any intruders. Sometimes it is easy to focus on making one entrance security and overlooking a smaller back entrance so make sure you consider them all.

2. Assess Vulnerability

In order to improve the security of your business property, you have to do a risk assessment. Walk around your property and see if you can identify any points of vulnerability. You should do this impartiality, and it can help to have a third party opinion on the matter. If you have staff working for you, then also take their opinions on board.

3. Grounds Security

You should ensure that any land outside your property is also secure. If you invest in high security fences, then this in itself will deter any potential burglars. Security lighting that detects movement can also be a great deterrent at keeping any intruders at bay. Investing in security before burglars can reach your property building is a smart way of keeping your business protected.


Installing CCTV will give you great peace of mind when it comes to securing your property. If you can connect to it from home, you can check in any time to ensure that there is nothing amiss. It may not stop an intruder, but if anything happens, it will help identify the perpetrator and aid in achieving a successful prosecution.

5. Alarm System

This is also a great way of keeping intruders away. Anyone that attempts to break in will be put off by an alarm system that draws attention. However, is important not to select an obvious code and to change it regularly.

6. Know Your Staff

It is important to know your staff members individually and cultivate a work environment that promotes loyalty. Happy and content workers are more likely to flag up any concerns and not betray the security of your business.

7. Online Protection

In a fast-moving digital world, it is important to also think about cybersecurity. Cybercrime is on the rise every year, and you could be liable for any customer information that your system compromises. You should invest in top of the range firewall technology and ask staff members to be diligent against viruses at all times.


A business is usually something that has great financial value for its owner. Investing a little in its security short term can help protect your interests long term. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure the security of your commercial property.

The most important is to identify any weak points, including entrances and windows. Investing in strong security doors and adequately strong shutters, will all help make your business property more secure.

Are you still concerned about security on your commercial property? Why not get in touch with security door experts today so that we can advise you on the best ways of making your business more secure.