MGR Security Doors Melbourne | 5 Ways to Enhance Business Security during the Festive Season
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5 Ways to Enhance Business Security during the Festive Season

Everyone wants to enjoy a great Christmas where they can celebrate with friends, indulge in tasty treats and receive or give fantastic looking gifts. This also includes criminals, which is one of the biggest reasons for crime rates to soar during the festive seasons.

Businesses should be on high alert during the festive season because the chances of getting robbed are much higher whether you close your company for the festivities or remain open. Criminals often target businesses during festive seasons because vacant companies are always easy targets and everyone’s guard is down when they only want to have fun and enjoy the celebrations.

If you want to stay safe during the festive season and all year round then it is time for you to enhance your overall security. Here are the top ways to boost your security so you, your customers and all employees can enjoy a safe and happy Christmas;

1. Install Security Doors

One of the first things you should do is to get stronger security doors installed at all entry points. Most burglaries occur due to old and out of date locking systems that are easy to pick or when criminals can easily break through your security doors.

By switching over to better quality security doors like stainless steel mesh doors with tripole pin locking systems, triple hinges, and colourbond sealants, you can make it much more difficult for burglars to get into your property.

Custom-designed steel security doors can also be valuable investments to keep your property safe while maintaining a beautiful and professional overall look for your business front doors. If you require good quality security doors then you should give MGR Security Doors a call and talk to a consultation about the best ways to secure your building.

2. Get Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures around your business porch and on patios are also a must to optimize safety. These enclosures can keep criminals away from your windows which also reduces property damage such as graffiti and broken windows when thugs cannot reach these parts of your business.

3. Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems can prevent burglaries and increases the chances of catching these criminals. Burglars are always discouraged when an alarm goes off and alarm systems can also notify tactical forces of the robbery so they can get these thugs off the streets which can reduce the overall crime rate.

4. Be On High Alert

It is important to call a meeting with all staff so you can discuss security during the festive season. This is the season when plenty of businesses operate on skeleton staff because so many people love to take leave during the festive season. Staff shortages makes your company an easy target which means your employees that do stand in during the festive season should be aware of the risks and they should be alert and wide awake. Alertness and preventative action could help prevent burglaries before they happen.

5. Create a Plan of Action

There are lots of businesses that never give thought as to what to do should a burglary happen. They don’t know who to call, don’t have emergency contact numbers on hand and most employees don’t know how to act during an armed robbery. It is important to create a plan of action and to practice this plan during fire drills so everyone can be ready and safe just in case these events do occur.

With these tips and the right security upgrades in place, your business can prevent robberies and those working for you will be much safer while attending their duties during the festive season.

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